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Introducing the i-brochure, the best alternative to print and web marketing collateral.


What is an i-brochure?

An i-brochure is an interactive digital brochure. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use and secure format you can utilise to enhance your marketing and engage with potential buyers.

i-brochures can be easily emailed and have quick navigation features to get your client to the information they want to see, fast. They can link externally to anything on the web, whether it’s an interactive location map, a promotional video, a data room or any other online resource.

An i-brochure, unlike a traditional print brochure, saves you money on printing costs and reduces the environmental impact.

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What makes them better than other digital presentations such as e-books and flip books?

Unlike traditional e-books and flip books, an i-brochure is universally viewable on all modern devices. They don’t require external plugins to function and can be conveniently stored locally as well as hosted online.

It’s a fuss-free, accessible marketing tool that allows you to connect with more clients at a reduced cost to your budget.

about icreative

Why should you choose us to create an i-brochure for your next property sale?

We are the UK’s leading property marketing agency and were the first to introduce i-brochures to the real estate industry. icreative have already delivered over 4,000 i-brochure projects for some of the UK’s largest property companies and are trusted for our real estate sector knowledge, quick delivery time, creative expertise and technical know-how.
We provide options to fit any budget, from in-house templates and printed brochure conversions through to completely bespoke designs. Over the last 10 years, we have helped our clients let or sell 100’s million pounds worth of property assets.

Drop us an email & see how we can help you sell your property asset quickly, efficiently and within budget!

"We have worked with the team at i-creative for several years. They always deliver a creative project on time for our clients & we also rely on them for our in-house marketing needs."
Joseph Wilshaw
Director, Roberts Vain Wilshaw

our clients.